I've been working on this game for about a year now, and now I think I can put out an early version for you guys to play. The game was programmed in GameMaker:Studio, and everything within was made by the same guy.

Curry and Masa live on the randomly-generated Animus Island, and they need your help! After the island shuffled its layout, the two of them are LOST in the wilderness! Fight your way through tons of pseudo-random levels! Warp to new worlds by collecting Warp Coins! It's CURRY AND MASA!


  • Randomly generated levels! You'll (probably) never play the same stage twice!
  • Multiple environments! Collect 5 red Warp Coins to travel to a new land, with new enemies and hazards!
  • NEW: Switch between Curry and Masa, and use their unique abilities! Curry can double-jump, and Masa can air-dash!


Arrow Keys - Move

Z - Jump

X - Attack

C - Switch Characters


Click on the + icon to begin the game.

Click on Curry to switch to Masa, and vice-versa.

Click on the Music Note to mute the music.

Click on the clock to reset scores.

Published Dec 06, 2016
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, Endless, Retro

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