Triad - A puzzle game about destroying shapes.

In Triad, shapes fall from above, cluttering the game area. Your task is to clear out these shapes before the game area gets to the top. To do this, you use Trigger Shapes to set off a chain reaction, clearing out any shapes of the same kind as the Trigger. Be careful! Chain reactions go left, right, and down, but not up. How high can your score go?

For even more fun, challenge a friend in the VS mode! Long chains will send shapes to your opponent's side, which can hurt (or help) their chances of winning. Who will come out on top?


(1 Player Mode)

Arrow Keys (LEFT/RIGHT) - Move piece

Arrow Keys (DOWN) - Drop piece

SPACEBAR/X/Z - Rotate piece

(2 Player Mode)

Arrow Keys (LEFT/RIGHT) - 1P Move piece

Arrow Keys (DOWN) - 1P Drop piece

Numpad 1/Numpad 2 - 1P Rotate piece

A/D - 2P Move piece

S - 2P Drop piece

G/H - 2P Rotate piece


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